Cold Laser Treatments

Treatment with the Zerona laser is easy, painless, and relaxing. Each session takes less than an hour; the low-level laser is used for a total of forty minutes. Lasers are applied to targeted areas, most usually waist, hip and thigh areas. Clients begin by lying on the table facing upward for twenty minutes, then turn onto the stomach, and the procedure is repeated to the backside of the body. The minimum suggested treatment period is two weeks, with three full sessions each week. An initial consult will determine the proper course for maximum results for specific body type, weight, and target fat loss areas.


Most clients describe the treatment as relaxing, or even Zen. Since the Zerona uses cold laser technology, no sensation is felt during the procedure. Clients may feel slightly different or even lighter upon exiting the treatment due to the bio-stimulation that has begun to take place within the body.


Ultimately, the Zerona laser treatment is a stark contrast to traditional methods of fat reduction procedures such as liposuction and gastric-bypass surgery. With Zerona, you simply lie down, relax, and let the laser do the work. 

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