THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE    30/60/90 minutes    $50/ $100/ $140

All sessions are customized to each individual. Our integrative style approach combines classic Swedish massage with slower, deeper Myofascial work, Trigger Point Therapy, stretching and others techniques to obtain desired results or to assist in deep relaxation.


HOT STONE MASSAGE    60/90 minutes    $110/ $150

Classic massage paired with smooth heated basalt stones. A warming, deeply serene and relaxing experience!


FOOT REFLEXOLOGY    30/60 minutes    $45/ $80

Reflexology is an Eastern based pressure point therapy that works on many levels. It is soothing, calming, balancing and boosting to the entire body. Reflexology is based on the principle that congestion or tension in the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. Stimulating these points provide pain relief and supports body balance.



THE BACK FACIAL    60 minutes    $100

Cleanse, relax and purify this hard to reach area. Treatment includes exfoliation, extractions as needed, massage and mask. 



SAAT DETOX BODY PURIFICATION    90 minutes    $140

A traditional Thai ritual designed to decongest the body.  Features a red rice body scrub, detoxifying body wrap that contains 18 herbs/essential oils and an aromatherapy massage.  Includes Tumeric, Clove, Kaffir Lime, Ginger & Lemongrass.


INFRARED BODY WRAP    30/60 minutes    $40/ $80

Infrared therapy has been shown to have significant detoxifying and healing benefits. Infrared heat increases circulation, which helps to ease pain and assist your body’s natural healing response. This therapy detoxifies the body through perspiration & cellular respiration thus flushing out toxins, reducing water retention and stimulating the lymphatic system. It has also been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite and assist in body contouring or inch loss. Best results are attained when combined with regular exercise and healthy diet.

MASSAGE CUPPING    $10 added to your 60 or 90 min massage.          

Cupping is ancient technique utilizing suction and gliding motions to release toxins/stagnation from the body and alleviate pain. Cupping is also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increases circulation and helps tone the skin. 


*Cupping is not appropriate for everyone. Please contact your practitioner about contraindications, medications or to answer questions before treatment*


SOLE RELIEF   30 minutes    $30             

Treat yourself to an organic Tea Tree and Eucalyptus sugar scrub, hydrating Peppermint foot crème & deep pressure point massage.


HAND RENEWAL    20 minutes    $25       

Pink tea & Apricot exfoliating scrub, hydrating thermal mask treatment and massage. 


HAIR VITALITY THERAPY    15 minutes    $15

A rhythmic head massage with an exquisite herbalized Ayurvedic serum that is deeply nourishing to the hair and scalp.